That Will Be Lunch

Play That Funky Music White Boy

Released 29.08.20

£6.99 / 7" Single Coloured Vinyl



That Will Be Lunch aka Alvin Spetz is a maverick singer-songwiter responsible for three wildly eccentric and original albums on Scratchy.The first two released under the moniker of 'Full English Breakfast' and the third at his current destination 'That Will Be Lunch'.Now he's back with a surreal dada electro version of the 70s Wild Cherry classic 'Play That Funky Music White Boy'.Complete with a cuckoo clock, naturally.Like his 2016 innovative re-working of the Talking Heads classic 'One in a Lifetime', premiered by Shaun Keaveny on his BBC6 Breakfast Show, the track shows how Spetz can flip the underside and take us off into the margins.Where all the interesting notes are made."The fine and unfathomably funky Full English Breakfast..If Beefheart had a surreal senior moment and reformed his Magic Band to perform S Club 7 covers, it might sound something like this" The Guardian "A highly eccentric but thoroughly engaging electronic/art-pop debut that aligns him with The Fall, Denim and Frank Zappa" Uncut "Pulls together the sound of The Fall, Edwyn Collins, Devo and Wire..seriously good" ---- Sunday Times ''Bric-a-brac digi-pop art-pop prankster' Mojo "Glorius electronic cosmic is sweetness and it is light and it is 42 minutes and 37 seconds worth of moon age confectionery for our modern times"

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