piri & tommy


Released 22.04.23

£31.99 / 12" LP Coloured Vinyl



First pressing on vinyl, solid white LP, Fans keep asking for the mixtape on vinyl!froge.mp3 is piri & tommy's debut project. An affecting, playful and eclectic body of work, it not only soundtracks their remarkable journey thus far, it's also a vivid snapshot of British pop and youth culture right now in all its excitement, uncertainty and euphoria. Channelling universal sounds and stories as they've evolved, in real-time, over the pandemic, their first project also finds piri & tommy at the front of a thrilling new wave in UK pop music. Lyrically exploring everything from that awkward crush (‘soft spot’) to that first summer of freedom (‘on & on’), as well as that transition into something more more meaningful (‘words’), froge.mp3 is the no-filter story of piri & tommy so far.

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