Stealing Sheep

Wow Machine

Limited pressing of 250 copies

Released 23.09.22

£24.99 / 12" LP

Both Sides Records


WOW MACHINE is a special commission limited album inspired by electronic music’s female pioneers that takes a deep dive into the realms of electronics, sampling, splicing , looping and reversing. This conceptual work takes the listener on a journey through serene feels, doomy landscapes, feminist sci-fi themes and robotic vocals with a contrasting mixture of analogue studio setups and modern software synths. The Sheep fluctuate between ambient flows and techno flavours in celebration of unsung women in music using the sinister sound-effects made by Delia Derbyshire during her time at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Black Vinyl with Lyric insert.

Ships on the day of release. Released 23.09.22.