Paul Simpson

Death Must be Beautiful

Colour Vinyl

Released 22.04.22

£21.99 / 12" LP Coloured Vinyl


Exclusively to 81 Renshaw. Available to collect instore from 23rd April 2022. Limited 'Poison' Coloured Vinyl with signed art print. ‘An entire album of stripped-bare funereal acoustica? What was I thinking? All the songs recorded during this 2004 Henry Priestman produced session at The Gossamer Dome, Anglesey were written while I was suffering from a depression brought about by the recent death of my father. We weren’t close - that was the problem. I’d always imagined some eleventh-hour deathbed ‘I love you’ reconciliation. Upon the album’s completion I decided not to burden the world with an official release but now, 18-years on from this unvarnished recording I have gained a little perspective and think it’s time to finally let these cathartic monsters out on vinyl for the first time’. Paul Simpson

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