Giant Giant Sand (Giant Sand)

Tucson (Deluxe edition)

Released 23.04.22

£31.99 / 12" Triple LP

Fire Archive


Deluxe triple black vinyl LP in tri-fold sleeve with the bonus LP ‘Return To Tuscon’. Long out of print and featuring brand new liner notes from Howe Gelb. Ten-year anniversary of the extended Giant Sand family’s mythic rock opera; a unification of Euro-based Sand and their downhome Arizonian compadres on Howe Gelb’s filmic homage to his hometown. Expanded with the much sought after ‘Return To Tuscon’, the triple LP features exclusive remixes by John Parish, Ali Chant and Chris Schulze. This deluxe edition includes brand new sleeve notes from Howe Gelb, recollecting the album’s creation, drawings, notes and a plea to Broadway producers. Track listing: 1 Wind Blown Waltz, 2 Forever and a Day, 3 Detained, 4 Lost Love, 5 Plane of Existence, 6 Undiscovered Country, 7 Love Comes Over You, 8 Thing Like That, 9 The Sun Belongs To You, 10 We Don't Play Tonight, 11 Ready Or Not, 12 Mostly Wrong, 13 Hard Morning in a Soft Blur, 14 Recovery Mission, 15 Siag Heap, 16 Not the End of the World, 17 Carinito, 18 Out of the Blue, 19 New River, 10 Lost Love (All Chant Remix), 21 Undiscovered Country (John Parish Remix), 22 Wind Blown Waltz (Ali Chant Alternative Mix), 23 Thing Like That (Ali Chant Extended Version), 24 Carinito (Ali Chant Alternative Mix), 25 Not the End of the World (Ali Chant Alternative Version), 26 Hard Morning in a Soft Blur (Christ Schultz Extended version), 27 Forever & a Day (John Parish + Ali Chant Alternative Mix)


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