Kelley Stoltz

The Stylist


Released 10.06.22

£29.99 / 12" LP Coloured Vinyl + 7"

Agitated Records


“Butterfly effect” blue / pink / purple LP 2 x bonus 7” (3 exclusive tracks & a Fall cover!) Hand-numbered Dinked sticker. Only 450 copies

Side A
We Grew So Far Apart
You Had To Be There
My Wildest Dream
Its A Cold World
Side B
Is There Anything That's Better Than This , Babe?
Your Name Escapes Me
In The Night
Wrong Number
My Island
2 x Bonus 7"
A: Steve & The Rats
B: Plants
C: Jacuzzi Blues
D: Wings (Fall Cover)

Ships on the day of release. Released 10.06.22.